6 Ihram Rules: What Not to Do

What shouldn’t you do in the state of Ihram? Ihram is an essential and obligatory part of Hajj and Umrah. This sacred state requires specific conduct and action. perform the pilgrimage in a manner that avoids doing it. Talbiya Umrah today that they would provide information about six things. While in the sacred state of Ihram. they cannot do so. It may help the pilgrims make sure their Hajj and Umrah are safe.

Please avoid doing these things once you’re in ihram.

Trimming Your Hairs:

To clarify. cutting hair doesn’t mean shaving your head. It means you’re not allowed to shave any body hair as the Quran prohibits it. It's not about hair. You are also unable to remove teeth or cut your nails.

Quran 2:196 And don't shave your heads until the sacrificial animals have arrived at the place of slaughter.

Use Perfumes:

Don't ever use perfume, and don't even use soap or shampoo if they have fragrance. Plus. skip the Kohl in your eyes and ditch the oil too.

The Prophet Muhammad gave some knowledge. He said. "Wash him with water and Sidr. wrap him in his clothes. but leave his head uncovered." He's gonna come back. you know. on Judgment Day. chanting the Talbiyah." That's straight from Jami' at-Tirmidhi 951.

Having intimacy:

You must not mate with your wife or engage in self-pleasure.

Quran 2:197. During the sacred journey of Hajj. those in the ihram must avoid intimacy. And must also avoid disobedience and disputes.

Sexual Excitement or Getting Married:

If you're in Ihram, don't get too close to your partner like you're going to mate. Also. don't look at other women or naughty stuff. And don't even think about proposing marriage while in Ihram.

Hunting while in Ihram

When you're in ihram a holy state during the pilgrimage, it's prohibited to harm any animals. This rule comes from the Quran. But, there's an exception for scorpions and snakes. you're allowed to kill them if required.

The Quran says so in verse 5:95. you believers. When you're in the state of ihram, don't go around hunting.

Separate Restrictions for Males and Females:

For Men:

You can't put on any shirts or clothes stitched when you're in Ihram. Gotta,please keep it simple. just Ihram clothing.

For Women:

Women can't wear Niqab as they usually do. They can't have it touching their face. There are specific Niqabs for women in Ihram.

If someone errs. Allah provides an easier way for them to make amends. whether they're men or women.