Why is Saudi Arabia Thinking free e visa for Indian ?


Nowadays we are living interconnected world everyone wants are exploring to other countries recently Saudia Arabia and Saudi Arabia have considered offering 96-hour free visas for Indian tourists, and started a new chapter of relations between the twonationsboosting diplomatic strength and tourism visitors. This article details the positive impact of the Saudi government and Saudi Arabia aiming to attract 7.5 million Indian visitors by 2030

The Import of Free Visas for Indians:

Saudi Arabia's potential decision to offer free visas for Indian travelers holds significant implications for both countries. Saudi Arab targets and aims to attract 7.5 million Indian visitors by 2030 The riveting speech show, given by Asen Aldabbagh, President - of Asia Pacific, Saudi Tourism Authority during the well-known SATTE 2024 travel show.

In conversation with ANI Aldabbagh Saiid: we are glad to it our third participation and it is one of the most classical trades with India

Boosting Tourism:

  • Offering free visas for Indians can act as a major incentive for travelers from India to explore the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of Saudi Arabia.
  • This move is likely to attract a diverse range of tourists, from pilgrims visiting religious sites to leisure travelers looking to experience the unique blend of tradition and modernity in Saudi Arabia.

Strengthening Two-sided Ties:

  • By facilitating easier access for Indian tourists, Saudi Arabia can strengthen its diplomatic relations with India and foster greater economic cooperation between the two nations.
  • This initiative can pave the way for enhanced people-to-people exchanges, promoting cultural understanding and mutual respect between the citizens of Saudi Arabia and India.

Economic Benefits:

  • The influx of Indian tourists can provide a significant boost to Saudi Arabia's tourism industry, generating revenue and stimulating economic growth.
  • Additionally, increased tourism can create opportunities for collaboration in sectors such as hospitality, transportation, and entertainment, benefiting both countries economically.

Infrastructure and Capacity:

  • Sudi Arabia needs to make sure infrastructure accommodation, transportation, and other facilities for Indian visitors
  • Adequate planning and investments in tourism infrastructure will be essential to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for Indian tourists.

Cultural Understandings:

Both Saudi Arabia and India have rich cultural traditions and practices that need to be respected and understood by visitors from both countries.It will be important to promote cultural sensitivities and awareness to ensure that Indian tourists respect local customs and traditions during their stay in Saudi Arabia.


It is a very fantastic step by the Saudi government to offer 96 hours of free visas for Indian tourists. and towards enhancingtourism between the two nations and unlocking new opportunities for economic growth cultural understanding and mutual thinking between the two nationsso let's forward to where Indian travelers explore in Saudia Arabia.