How To Perform Hajj

Hajj is one of the five pillars of islam, it can be defined as the pilgrimage undertaken by muslims to Mecca and Medina to express their faith and servitude towards Allah. The rituals of Hajj are performed within a span of five to six days , officially beginning fron 8th of Dhul-Hijjah till 13th of the same month.

Hajj is performed in seven simple steps. All these steps are believed to be a microcosm of greater reality and events which have happened in the past. Each and every ritual of Hajj is an ode to those prophets who had actually lived through some harrowing incidents on the command of the Almighty.

STEP 1 — Making pure intentions or after making niyat male pilgrims have to wear Ihram and female pilgrims have to wear abaya. Ihram comprises of two unstitched sheets. It has to worn before entering miqat as it symbolizes certain restrictions in addition to the fact that everyone is equal before the Almighty.

STEP 2--- pilgrims move to mina, a small town 6 km away from Makkah. Also known as the city of tents as all the pilgrims stay in tents and say their prayers

STEP3--- on 9t of Dhul-Hijjah, pilgrims start to walk towards Arafat and upon reaching their they observe Zuhrain. This act of standing before the Almighty is called waquf which is observed near Jabal al Rahmah. Jabal al Rahmah is believed to be the place where the Messenger of Allah delivered his last sermon.

STEP4--- next destination for pilgrims is Muzdalifah. Upon arriving at noon pilgrims collect 49 pebbels of similar sizes to perform the ritual of Rami.

After collecting pebbles pilgrims head back to Mecca to perform Tawaf al-Ifadah and Sa’i. one completed they return to Mina to accomplish Rami, Nahr and Halq.

STEP5--- those 49 pebbles which were collected in Muzdalifah will be used to stone the stone structure called jamrat. It is performed on 11th and 12th of Dhul-Hijjah as a remembrance of Prophet Ibrahim stoning Satan when he tried to dissuade him from Almighty’s path.

STEP6--- on 12th of Dhul- Hijjah pilgrims perform animal sacrifice. Pilgrims also perform Halq and Taqsir, Halq is shaving the head whereas taqsir is shortening or clippnin fo hair. Male pilgrims in general opt for halq on the other hand female pilgrims opt for taqsir.

STEP7--- the final step of Hajj. Pilgrims go back to mecca to perform Tawaf al Ifadah or the farewell tawaf along with Sa’i. Ihram is removed and all restrictions are lited.

All the rituals of hajj should be performed with utmost dedication because they are an ode to the teachings and sufferings of our Prophets , those Propjets who are epitome of purity and sanctity, those prophets who sacrificed themselves for the salvation of their ummah. Talbiya umrah pvt ltd has already launched its hajj packages, have a look at them. May be you’ll find your perfect match.


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