Best Short Hajj Package from India


Hajj is a yearly pilgrimage that Muslims make to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It occurs once a year, in a specified month. It is one of the Five Pillars of Islam, which are essential acts for Muslims to perform. During Hajj, Muslims dress simply in white and undertake rituals such as circling the Kaaba, Mecca's sacred edifice. Hajj is a time for Muslims to seek forgiveness, purify their souls, and feel more connected to Allah. It is a large gathering that draws Muslims from all around the world together for unity and devotion.

History of hajj:

Hajj is a special journey for Muslims that began a long time ago with Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham in English) and his son Ismail (Ishmael in English). Allah (God) commanded them to build the Kaaba, a sacred place in Mecca. Since then, people from all over the world have visited the Kaaba for Hajj. Even Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) performed Hajj. which are the core beliefs and practices of Muslims. During Hajj, pilgrims wear simple clothes to show equality which called is ahram. They perform rituals like walking around the Kaaba seven times and running between two hills called Safa and Marwa. Hajj teaches Muslims to be united, devoted to Allah, and treat each other equally. It's a spiritual journey that connects believers with their faith and history.

Why is hajj so important in Islam:

Hajj is crucial in Islam since or key element of the faith. Muslims who are physically and financially able must visit Mecca, a holy city in Saudi Arabia, at least once in their lifetime. It's a long trip in which Muslims come together to demonstrate unity and equality before God. During Hajj people seek forgiveness and deepen their religion. It's like a massive spiritual pilgrimage that connects Muslims from all over the world. Hajj teaches patience, self-discipline, and humility making it a unique and crucial part of being Muslim.

Short hajj package 2024 non-shifting :

The Short Hajj Package 2024 Non-shifting is ideal for individuals who have little time but a great desire to worship at the holy Haram Sharif and do Hajj. It provides handy facilities in Mecca to help pilgrims have a comfortable experience. This package is great for those wanting a meaningful trip without the need to change hotels. It enables pilgrims to concentrate completely on their spiritual trip without worrying about logistical issues. With this package, pilgrims can easily accomplish their religious duty while enjoying the blessings of Hajj without stress.

Short hajj package 2024 non-shifting schedule :

Experience the convenience of our non-shifting Short Hajj Package 2024 From June 10/11 to June 14, embrace the spiritual aura of Makkah. Dive into the Hajj rituals from June 14 to June 18. Enjoy further reflection in Makkah from June 19 to June 23. Then, soak in the tranquillity of Madina from June 24 to 28. Finally, on June 29, commence your journey back home to India. Talbiya Umrah Pvt Ltd ensures a seamless pilgrimage, allowing you to focus exclusively on your spiritual journey.

What is included in the short package?

Experience the spiritual journey of a lifetime with our Short Hajj Package 2024 Non-Shifting. Enjoy Economy Class Return Flight, Hajj Visa & Draft, convenient Makkah Hotel (500 Mtr) and Madina Hotel (200 Mtr) accommodations Local Transportation Ziyarat in Makkah & Madina, All Meals Laundry Services Talbiya Hajj KitHajj Training & Guidelines by Aalim, Local Staff at your service and 24-Hour Customer Support. Embark on this sacred pilgrimage hassle-free and with peace of mind.

What is excluded from the short package?

Experience the convenience of our non-shifting short Hajj package for 2024. With Qurbani arranged upon request enjoy comfortable room services and hassle-free transportation from Mina to Makkah. Our package includes Tawaf e Ziyarah on the 10 Zil Hajj and transport from Muzdalifah to Mina on the 10th and 11th Zil Hajj. Plus, benefits from a 5% GST and TCS. Embrace the spiritual journey with ease and comfort allowing you to focus on your pilgrimage without worrying about logistics.


The Short Hajj Package 2024 offered by Talbiya Umrah Pvt provides a convenient and fulfilling pilgrimage experience without shifting accommodations. With a focus on simplicity and devotion, this package offers ease and comfort for pilgrims embarking on their journey. From transportation to accommodation, every aspect is tailored to ensure a smooth and enriching Hajj experience. With Talbiya Umrah Pvt, pilgrims can embark on their spiritual journey with peace of mind.