How To Take Riaz Ul Jannah Appointment For Praying?

Riaz Ul Jannah, also known as the Garden of Paradise, holds a distinguished place in the heart of every Muslim globally. Muslims from all over the world aspire to offer their prayers in this blessed and sacred spot. To control the number of people gathering and ensure everyone's safety, the Saudi authorities have decided to offer advance appointments for those who wish to pray in Riaz Ul Jannah.

This app has now been upgraded to enable its users to make appointments to pray at Riaz Ul Jannah.

Here is a brief guide on how you can make an appointment using the Nusuk app:

1) Get the Nusuk App on your mobile device. This app is available on the iPhone as well as for Android so you can download it easily

2) choose the language you prefer. Once location access is granted you will be asked to choose a language.

3) Click on the option that says "New User" If you have already an account you can log in if not then you can tap on the new user

4) Select your status: Citizen, Gulf, or Visitor. Select your status where you belong

5) put on detail Make sure every detail is put and very carefully and recheck

6) select the praying slot

7) Get your permit Make sure to capture a screenshot and retain the app. Before uninstalling, remember to pray at the esteemed Rawdah.

8) Display the permit to the person overseeing the matter. Arrive 30 minutes before because the person overseeing the matter